Available Courses


Chart Review & Daily Strategy Meeting

Patient service and loyalty is our most precious resource and are becoming more sophisticated and demanding in their service expectations. The patient centered practice involves our systems and communication from the time the patient arrives to the time they depart the practice.


The systems featured in this course will explain how daily preparation contributes to the team, patient and overall efficiency of a dental practice. It will also layout the sequence of elements for a successful daily strategy meeting.

Hygiene Exam Management

The Hygiene Exam Management is critical and the most impactful to the patient experiences.


The systems featured in this course will allow for better understanding of dental needs and increase case acceptance for both restorative and hygiene departments.


Downtime Management

Overcoming No shows and Cancellations


Are you struggling to fill your schedule? Does your team feel stress every time that they see white space in the day?


The Downtime Management module will teach the team measurable techniques of how to overcome No Shows and Cancellations for all providers, focusing on hygiene which is the most devalued appointment in the practice. We will train repeatable formats for overcoming cancellation calls, patient classification, tracking formula for measuring downtime and how to create an effective cancellation policy for your office.


Patient Experience

Every dental practice wants to be able to impress their patients and give them the best patient experience possible.


What if you could train your team to consistently deliver a patient visit the same way every time?


The Patient Experience course provides your team with the knowledge required to provide a consistent experience. The scenario based training provides your team with the opportunity to practice delivering an effective patient call all the way through the Treatment Coordinator exit. This course provides team verbiage, sample phone interaction, and patient arrival communications and communications throughout the patient visit.