About Dynamic Dental Scholars

      Technology has impacted the way that many industries conduct day to day business. Education is no different. Technological innovation has made online learning/training very competitive with the traditional face-to-face learning that has been the norm for some 800 years. Let’s face it:
The future is already here! Online ‘e-learning’ is slowly replacing traditional methods of education.

      In today’s evolving business environment, business success is reflective of your team and your team’s ability to maintain a certain level of consistency. Training costs can be very high. Most of the time, the training needs to be repeated several times annually because retention is low. This accounts for many hours of labour and sometimes even expensive consulting fees. The problem is that even after tons of money is spent on training, there is really no guarantee that the employee will retain this knowledge. It is not measurable.

Dynamic Dental Scholars has the solution!

      The Dynamic Dental Scholars Learning Management System is designed to increase knowledge retention by monitoring employee progress so that each team member can be held accountable for their own performance.







User Friendly Platform

Any team member of any age or technical level will be able to understand and use

Keeps it independent – Will need minimal direction from other employees
Employees can manage themselves

On-demand Learning

Team members can learn at their own pace

Increased retention – Have the option to review past learning concepts at anytime

Tracking Mechanisms

The LMS allows for complete measurability

Accountability – You can track the progress and completion of the courses for every team member through the LMS